Sarvestan palace and Pink lake tours

(full-day tour, 50 € per person)

In the way to go to Sarvestan palace you can see a lake. It is famous by pink lake. The original name of this lake is Maharloo Lake. They called it that after Maharloo village that this lake is located.
In the winter and starting by the autumn this lake will start to be full of water.. at the spring the water will decrease little by little, and the water’s colour will be changed to pink because of the concentration of the salt and some minirals will be higher. Some factories produce cooking salt (NaCl) from that lake…
The perfect time to visit that lake is the middle of spring so you can see the pink colour.
Sarvestan palace : Possibly a Palace , Zoroastrian fire temple or something else?
What ever it was it was and still is impressive, built around 425 AD and undergoing some renovation it still shows plenty of detail of the original construction. Don’t treat it a ruin but take some time to explore and look for the brick lines and the arches that are plenty of impressive features of Iranian architecture.
The trip includes: An English speaking guide and the transport.

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