Shiraz poetry tour

Shiraz is the city of poets, love, literature, wine, Roses and Nightingales. Hafez and Saadi, Iran’s two most important poets, were from here and both have sumptuous tombs in the city. Set in vast gardens, these tombs are never without visitors all day long. While Saadi attracts visitors of all ages, Hafez’s tomb is visited more by lovers and the lovelorn. Hafez of Shiraz was widely regarded as an infidel in his day. Today he is recognized in the East not only for the excellence of his poetry, but also as a Sufi illuminate. His major work, The Diwan, is found beside the Quran in the homes of the devout. In the West, Hafez–a contemporary of Dante–is admired for his love-poetry; Goethe, among others, acknowledged his influence. Saadi is one of the most influential Persian poets in the medieval period admired for his artistry in expressing deepest moral and social thoughts in the simplest words for all ages. He is well-known as “Master of speech” among Persian scholars and one of the best poets of the classical Persian literature. His two outstanding literary masterpieces are Golestan (or Gulistan) and Bustan. Our guide tells you about the life and events of Hafez and Saadi, their major books, the architecture of mausoleums. Enjoy reading the translation of poems of Hafez and Saadi. Although it is always better in its original language, as it was meant to be heard. We will have to make do with the closest translations available, until we learn to read it in Hafez’s own language….
It includes an English speaking guide and the transport.

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