Ancient history tour

We had a wonderful day with Marcus and his friend from Sweden. They were interested in history and had lots of knowledge about it. We visited the four sites, Persepolis and Necropolis(Naghsh-e Rustam) and Pasargadae and Naghsh-e Rajab. They also tried one of the best traditional dishes. Hope to see them again in this immense cultural land.


  1. Marcus Rzewuski

    Hello Nazanin!
    “We had a great day out with Nazanin, seeing the beautiful ruins of Persepolis, the royal tombs in the Necropolis, and the ancient city of Pasargadae. Nazanin is a very well spoken, amicable guide with lots of knowledge. She also took us to a local restaurant serving the most delicious spicy pommegranate-walnut chicken stew, a real feast for the taste buds!
    Thank you!
    Marcus + Patrik”

  2. Nazanin

    Thanks so much dear Marcus for taking the time to write your comments. It was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Merry Christmas in advance. Wish you all the best things.

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