Iran Golden Tour (16 days)

This 16-day tour package brings you the best of Iran across its stunning diversity, taking you on a long journey along Iran’s spectacular landscape, culture, traditions, customs, history, and heritage. It gives you a unique and exotic taste of Iran and provides you with an experience to be cherished for long. You indulge in memorable experiences, during the tour, including sightseeing of Authentic Masuleh Village, Anzali Lagoon, Behistun Inscription and Persepolis among other sites. It starts from and ends in Tehran.

Tour Itinerary
Arrival in Tehran
You will meet your guide at the airport to transfer you to the hotel. After some hours rest, starts your half-day city tour in Tehran to visit Niavaran Palace and Tajrish Bazaar, eating lunch in one of the best restaurants in the bazaar, Saleh shrine and nature bridge. Overnight Tehran.

Over night Tehran
You can observe the best historical treasures of this city especially in its museums. You will have a full day tour to visit some highlights of Tehran such as Jewelry museum , Golestan Palace, 30tir street and Grand Bazaar.

Day 3
Overnight  Anzali
Our plan for today is driving from Tehran to Anzali (364 km) through the Caspian coastal cities to delight in the prospects of the mountains and the sea. (You will see the two distinctive appearances of nature: the semi-arid southern slopes and the humid northern slopes). On the way, we are going to visit Gilan Rural Heritage Museum, an open air museum displaying the rural civilization and culture of people of the north of Iran. Next, we visit the authentic mountain village Masouleh (in which the tops of houses on lower levels are utilized as yards for houses on the levels above them).

Day 4
Overnight  Ardabil
In the morning, we are driving from Anzali to Ardabil (235 km), visiting the Anzali Lagoon (known as a decent place for bird watching). We then proceed with our adventure over the mists in the Heyran road. Upon your arrival in Ardabil, you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, Sheikh Safi complex, where you can find the finest stucco works in Islamic Iranian history.  It is a distinctive complex in which the elegance of structural style and spirituality are in a congruous discourse.  You may visit the Shorabil Lake in the summer time if there is a free time.

Day 5
Overnight  Tabriz
On this day, we move from Ardabil to Tabriz (225 km). Our full-day city tour in Tabriz includes: visiting Blue Mosque (with unique dark blue color); Tabriz Bazaar (one of the most important commercial centers on the Silk Road and the largest covered bazar in the world that also serves as an exceptional, social, political, and religious complex);  the Constitution House (with a skylight and corridor decorated with colorful glass and mirrors); and the largest park in Tabriz, El Goli (once in the past Shah Goli), the largest park in Tabriz.

Day 6
Overnight Hamadan
On this day, we are going to drive to Hamadan, visiting the UNESCO Heritage site, Dome of Soltaniyeh on the way. It is one of the remarkable cases of the accomplishments of Islamic Architecture and Art in Iranian history with one of the world’s largest domes built from bricks. In the afternoon we are going to Ganjnameh area visiting Ganjnameh Inscriptions, ordered by Darius the Great (521-485 B.C.) and Xerxes the Great (485-65 B.C.). It is an ancient inscription written in three languages (ancient Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian).

Day 7
Overnight  Hamadan
We start our morning city tour in the green mountainous city of Hamadan with a visit to the archaeological excavations of Ecbatana, the capital of ancient Media. The next visits includes: the tomb of Avicenna, (a Persian polymath who is viewed as a standout amongst the most significant thinkers of the Islamic Golden Age); the tomb of Baba Tahir, (a well-known Persian poet of love and mystic beauty); the Alavian Dome, (delightfully decorated with flowers and plants); the tomb of Esther (the biblical Queen) and Mordechai which is of historical significance to the Jewish community.

Day 8
Overnight  Kermanshah
Driving to Kermanshah (190 km), we will visit the following sites: first we see the Anahita Temple (the goddess of water); next we move to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Behistun, the important landmark of which is the bas-relief and cuneiform inscription requested by Darius the Great (when he rose to the throne of the Persian Empire, 521 B.C.). It is the longest text about the ancient Persia written in three peculiar cuneiform script languages (Old Persian, Elamite, and Babylonian); then we visit Taq-e Bostan (with a chain of the finest rock reliefs from the time of Sassanid Empire).

Day 9
Overnight Kashan
After breakfast, drive to Kashan to visit historical part of Kashan and the amazing architecture of amazing attractions like Fin garden, Tabatabaei House, Borujerdi and Abasi Houses. You can buy Golab (rose water) and local sweets as souvenir of Kashan.

Day 10
Overnight Isfahan
After breakfast, we drive to Abyaneh village, visiting this beautiful village and after lunch, We arrive in Isfahan in the afternoon, we will visit the Vank Cathedral, the architecture of which is a mixture of the Safavid style (high arches) and an Islamic-style dome.

Day 11
Overnight Isfahan
After breakfast you will have a full-day city tour of Isfahan. Naghsh-e Jahan Square is the most famous attraction of this city that has been registered by UNESCO as outstanding example of Iranian and Islamic architecture. Isfahan also has a wide variety of historic monuments and is known for the paintings, history and architecture. Start your full-day city tour with visiting Naghsh-e-Jahan Complex (Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah and Imam Mosques and Bazaar). Then to visit Hasht Behesh and amazing Chehel Sotoun Palace. enjoy your time in Si-o-Seh Pol or khaju Bridge. Do not forget to taste some local foods and sweets of Isfahan like Beryani and Gaz.

Day 12
Overnight Yazd
Today, we will be driving to Yazd, having an opportunity to look at the Caravanserai Complex of Meybod. Then we will visit Pigeon Tower (with an extraordinary architecture) and Meybod Ice House, both of which are Eco-friendly creations. We have also a glance at the tile and ceramic workshop. Next, we will visit one of the oldest mosques of Persian Islamic architecture (Jame Mosque) in Nain. The city is best known for its preliminary architecture.

Day 13
Overnight Yazd
After breakfast , We will begin today’s experience with Towers of Silence (Zoroastrian Constructions for the Ritual of Death in the past). Next we visit Zoroastrian Fire Temple and its Sacred Eternal Flame, Amir Chakhmaq square (best known for its symmetrical sunken arched alcoves), Dolat Abad Garden (famous for having the tallest Badgir/wind catcher in Iran and probably in the world, standing over than 33m), and the splendid, congregational Jameh Mosque.

Day 14
Overnight Shiraz
In the morning drive to Abarkoh ,Visiting Aghazadeh Historical House, Abarkooh Ancient Cyprees Tree, Abarkooh Ice House. Persepolis (UNESCO World Heritage), Naghsh-e Rostam (Achaemenid Kings’ Necropolis) and Pasargadae (UNESCO World Heirtage; Tomb of Cyrus). Overnight Shiraz.

Day 15
Overnight Shiraz
Full-day city tour in beautiful Shiraz that is city of lovers to visit Zandiyeh Complex (including Vakil Bath and Vakil Bazaar), Naranjestan Qavam House, Nasir al-Molk Mosque. Then have lunch in one of the traditional restaurants. In the afternoon, to visit Eram Garden and Tomb of Hafez. Eating dinner with a lovely family. Visiting Zoorkhaneh (house of strength, a heroic sport ).

Day 16
You will have flight to Tehran. Free time in Tehran and then transfer to Imam Khomeini Airport for your departure time.

features :
meals included:
no meals

personal vehicles
Flight from Shiraz to Tehran


pre and post trip transfers excluded

Traditional hotels and hostels

entrance fees: excluded
tour guide: guided sightseeing
departs: weekly
visa support: yes

*For the services which are not publicly included in your tours such as entrance fees, lunch and dinner, you can add them to your booking list to get them done for you.

Price: 2650€

Single supplement :400€

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