Kurangun Rock Relief

Also known as: Korangoon Rock Relief, koorangan inscription, koorangoon, Goorangun Rock Relief, Kurangun inscription.

The Kurangun (Curangoon) embossed. The Nangarest is located near the Nur-Abad (Noor Abad Mamasani)  Mamasani on a body of one of the mountains called Kurangun Mountains, with an altitude of about 100 meters.

This prominent role is the worship of a holy couple, and 72 other small and bigger images of worshipers around that have been eroded over time.

This work was engraved by the Elamites from the 3,500 to 4,000 years ago on a rocky mountain that slopes steeply overlooking the Fahliyan River and was first reported scientifically by the well-known German archaeologist Ernst Hertzfeld.

Dr. Mehrdad Bahar, an Iranian mythologist in the book Myth and Culture, reminded that this role is probably the role of the god of Napraxia, along with a goddess, probably Kerry Risha, of Napareh, a mountain god and water sitting on a bed of a spittoon. He holds the head of the snake with his left hand, and on his right hand there is a fountain of water, which is likely to be forgiveness and sanctification to him, and after that the two branches will be left behind for the supporters and priests and part for the king. The followers are dedicated to the Curnangun embossment, which is one of the oldest religious iconography in Iran.

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