Narcissus tour

Enjoy the aroma of beautiful narcissus near Shiraz. For centuries, in the month of February, local people of Kazerun celebrate the Festival of Narcissus. Kazerun is situated in Fars province (with Shiraz as its capital) and has 140 acres of land dedicated to the cultivation of Narcissus flower, being considered as the main locality for such production in Iran. Shahla Narcissus in Kazerun is a kind of narcissus that has a unique quality, which other flowers do not have. Narcissus flower has a special place in Persian literature in Iran. In many poems of great poets, this particular flower has been considered as Shahla’s eyes. The festival covers the operation of cutting the flowers and preparing them to be exported to the other parts of Iran and its neighboring countries.
It includes an English speaking guide and the transport.

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