Persepolis & Necropolis & Pasargadae Tour

(full-day tour, 70 € per person)

Discover how the Achaemenid Empire got its start, as well as the conditions that allowed their culture to grow and prosper
Learn how Cyrus the Great came to power and the remarkable ways in which he and his successors ruled the empire
Get insights into the Achaemenid style of warfare, including rituals, strategies and tactics they used to conquer their foes as well as how they protected themselves against intruders
Learn about the roles and obligations of the people, who and how they worshipped, including their beliefs
Discover how the royalty lived in lavish luxury and how they had other people carry out their wishes
Learn about the rituals that were part of their daily lives, and how those rituals were performed
Discover little-known facts such as the cause that ultimately led to their downfall, the lessons learned from their history and what we can take away as a modern society
And much, much more!
The trip includes: An English speaking guide and the transport.

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