Shiraz untouched tour

Get acquainted with Shiraz history and enjoy hidden parts of town. Strolling along the historical streets of Shiraz, follow the path of Sang-e-sia old district and discover the secrets of there. Our guide unveil to you the history and curious facts of the city. We make Shiraz an unforgettable city for all the guests. Our guide will tell you an introduction to Shiraz and how to take the most out of your time in Shiraz so we suggest it will be the first thing you do when you arrive in Shiraz. Take a guided walk to explore historical quarters of Shiraz.
You visit an old bakery and taste one of the most delicious Iranian bread “Sangak”. Find out old way of cooking “Sangak” on hot Stones.
Visiting Shahecheragh shrine, which is Persian for “king of the light” is one of the most important pilgrimages since the 14th century, located in Shiraz. It is home to the tombs of the brothers Ahmad and Muhammad, sons of the 7th shiite Imam. The interior of this funerary monument is decorated in hundreds of thousands of glass mirrored pieces that catches your breath. It is undoubtedly a place you must visit. Visiting bibi dokhtaran shrine, a very old shrine, and listen to the stories of these two shrines.
Visiting Armenian church from outside. A mosque and a cherch very close to each other. Our guide will tell you about the history and stories of Armenian church and Moshir mosque.
Visiting Khanqah Ahmadi، an old shrine that makes you to get familiar to Zahabie, one the shiite sect and dazzling with beautiful tile works.
visiting old traditional houses. Shiraz is home to several antique houses. Visiting art workshops in an art house and get familiar with arts of Shiraz and also visiting a beautiful cafe gallery.
Visiting the grave stone of a Scientist who was buried in this district and discover about the name of “Sang-e-sia” district.

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